Yerevan: International Exhibition of Arms and Defense Technology «ArmHiTec-2016"


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First International Exhibition of Arms and Defense Technology «ArmHiTec-2016" will be held from 01 to 03 November 2016 at Exhibition Complex "YrevanEXPO" (Yerevan, Republic of Armenia).

The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan Plant of Mathematical Machines PLC. (ZAO “YerZMM) and Exhibition Companies Group “BIZON” (OVC “BIZON” PLC), which has chosen Clondians Services Ltd (Cyprus) as the exhibition operator for foreign companies.

The exhibition is organized as an integrated complex of exhibition and business events in order to demonstrate to potential customers high-tech, innovative developments and ready solutions in the field of modern weapons, military equipment and technologies, as well as the needs of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia in the respective materiel, products and services of general purpose. The event aims to promote the modernization and technical re-equipment of the Armed Forces, security agencies and law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Armenia, increasing their combat capability and efficiency, as well as to ensure possibilities of studying the achievements of up-to-date international military-technical developments and solutions.

The exhibition will be held as adjusted combination of the specialized interconnected and interactive programs including exposition, business & scientific and competition programs.

The exposition will feature advanced weapons and military technical equipment, security systems, special police equipment. Its main sections: armored vehicles, tube, rocket and missile artillery ordnance, military aircraft, small arms and ammunition, unmanned aerial vehicles and systems, communications, automated command and control systems and robotic systems, means of protection and personal protective equipment, laser, information and telecommunication technologies, information protection systems, outfit, equipage medical support plus some more. Visitors will be able to see the latest military technical equipment and weapons, achievements of military-industrial complex, advanced developments in the domestic and foreign defense industry sector.

The theme of the activities of scientific and business program held within the framework of the exhibition is determined in accordance with its goals and objectives. To participate in the event will be invited leading experts and developers of armament and military technical equipment, special technical means and security systems, specialists of the Ministry of Defense, other government agencies and organizations of the Republic of Armenia and other states, experts from intergovernmental and international organizations. The program will include various conferences, seminars, round tables, presentations, business meetings and negotiations.. As a result of scientific and business program will be created and published a special edited volume of materials.

It is expected that among the visitors will be the largest enterprises of defense-industrial complex of Armenia and other countries. They will have a unique opportunity to establish business contacts and to develop internal and external cooperation ties between enterprises, developers, manufacturers and suppliers of arms, military equipment and security systems.

Within the framework of the event for exhibitors will be held a number of various specialized contests, including National Defense and Security Contest. The winners will be awarded by special prizes, diplomas and medal “Guarantee of Quality and Security and Diploma of Laureate of International Contest “National Defense and Security”.

Exhibition "ArmHiTec-2016" is the most important and competent event in the military and technological sphere of Armenia. It is expected that the exhibition will be visited by the leaders and high ranking executives of state bodies, experts from the defense and law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Armenia as well as representatives of special services and security structures, research and educational institutions of Armenia and of foreign armed forces, law enforcement agencies, intergovernmental and international organizations.

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