The exposition is unique in its profile range. It demonstrates innovative developments and proven solutions that contribute to the technical re-equipment of law enforcement agencies and special services.  

Profile sections

· protective and special equipment;

· non-lethal weapons and means for impact on offenders and forcing them to comply with law and order;

· communication and management tools;

· energy provision;

· technical means of inspection, search and surveillance;

· life support equipment for law enforcement and military officers;

· information technologies;

· forensic technologies;

· equipment for operative investigative activities;

· means of countering intelligence equipment;

· special transport means;

· road safety systems and tools;

· unmanned systems and robotics;

· special equipment, means for carrying out emergency rescue operations;

· automated systems for detecting pathogenic biological agents in the environment;

· technical means of protection;

· information security tools and systems;

· automation means and systems;

· radio-electronic components and materials;

· video surveillance equipment;

· metrological support of law enforcement agencies activities.

Exhibition "Border"

Exhibition “Granitsa” is justly regarded as Russian “testing ground” for display of achievements of domestic and foreign manufacturers working in the field of development and creation of special technical equipment and armaments used for protection of the state borders.

Exposition of the up-to-date technical means and facilities for national border protection attracts keen interest of not only specialists of the Border Service of the Russian Federation Federal Security Service but of the representatives of other Federal executive authorities and bodies and agencies working in the sphere of ensuring national security of the Russian Federation.

· Border security technical equipment and facilities:

o    Radar stations.

o    Alarm and anti-crossing systems.

o    Means of communications and warning.

o    Optics and optoelectronics (systems and devices).  

· Coast guard vessels:

o    Weapons and armaments for coast guard vessels.

o    Technical and special facilities for coast guard vessels.

·  Technical systems and facilities for border and custom control:

o    Technical facilities for checking document validity.

o    Technical facilities for vehicle checking and vetting.

o    Personal identification systems (including biometrics).

· Technical systems of border security and protection, life support systems for border troops and posts:

o    Security and fire alarm systems.

o    Perimeter defence systems.

o    Life-supporting infrastructure.

o    Multipurpose power generating pants.

· Automated control, communications and data transfer systems for border troops and agenciesк:

o    Automated control systems.

o    Systems of communications and information transfer.

·  Armaments, means of personal protection and special-purpose equipment:

o    Armaments and armored protection facilities.

o    Special-purpose equipment.


· Engineer installation and barrier works.

· Aero-space surveillance systems (from satellites to UAV).

· Complex, track and wheel vehicles.

· Miscellaneous.

· Canine service.


Unmanned robotic systems:

· Military and dual-use robotic systems.·          

·  Command and control systems -operation -powerplants-simuators.

· Robotic sytems purpose-designed equipment.

· Telepresence robots.

· UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles/copters/drones/gliders). 

· Swarm robots, distributed intelligence, interaction and training systems.

· New types of self-generated power-supply systems.

· Regulatory and guidance and process-control and management solutions.

Projects featuring unmanned robotic systems


18.jpg of the visitors are interested in technical means and facilities for  border protection

19.jpg  of the visitors are interested in special transport vehicles

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Business program

· International Conference of the Border Service of the Russian Federation Federal Security Service “Main Direction of Technical Development of Border Troops and Agencies of the CSTO Member-States”.

· Conference of the Russian Agency for Provision of Necessary Facilities for State Borders of the Russian Federation.

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Exhibition Organizer:

скачанные файлы.jpgBorder Service of the Russian Federation Federal Security Service

Exhibition is organized with the support and assistance of:

• Coordination Service of the Council of the CIS Member-States Border Troops Commanders;

• Russian Agency for Provision of Necessary Facilities for State Borders of the Russian Federation


Participants of the exhibition have the opportunity not only to demonstrate ready-made solutions for implementation in integrated security systems for various urban infrastructure facilities but also to exchange their opinions with experts and perform constructive dialogue with developers, manufacturers and consumers of security equipment and technologies.

Profile sections:

· Information technology and communications.

· Telecommunication technologies and networks.

· Infocommunication infrastructure.

· Mobile communication, mobile content, mobile TV.

· Telecom operator services.

· IT-services, system integration, IT-outsourcing, IT-consulting.

· Information systems.

· Software products and services.

· Data processing centre (Data centres).

· Security and protection equipment.

· Access control and management.

· Security and fire systems.

· Engineering and technical protection means.

· Transport security.

· Industrial safety.

· Rescue and emergency techniques and equipment.

· Information protection. Protection of personal data.


The exposition of forensic equipment is held for the purpose of wide-scale demonstration of the achievements of national and foreign manufacturers in the field of creation of modern samples of criminal investigation technique and analytical equipment used by security agencies in the interests of state security provision, medicine and science industry development. The exhibition provides an optimal platform for the exchange of experience between experts in the field of criminalistics, analytics and security agencies.

Profile sections

· Handwriting, technical and forensic examination of documents.

· Ballistic, dactyloscopic, trasological examinations.

· Research of cold arms and throwing weapons.

· Examination of materials, substances and products.

· Soil-botanical, mineralogical and environmental examination.

· Phonoscope, linguistic, authorship, computer examination.

· Radio, photo, video and portrait examination.

· Psychophysiological research of a person using a polygraph.

· Autotechnical, explosion and fire technical examination.

· Biological, medical-forensic, biomedical, pharmacological and olfactory examination.

· Economic, commodity research, construction and technical examination.

· Reagents and expendable material for laboratories.

· Mobile diagnostic laboratories.

· Tactical gear and special clothing.

· Load scales and weighing equipment.