Official greetings 


I am glad to welcome organizers, participants and guests of the 23nd International Exhibition "Interpolitex 2019". This is one of the largest congress and exhibition events in Russia in the field of state security, where you can see a wide range of weapons and advanced equipment for law enforcement agencies and special services.

Over the past years, Interpolitex has established itself as a significant and authoritative forum demonstrating the possibilities of integrating science and industry. At its site, each visitor can personally get acquainted with domestic developments and achievements.

It is important to note that the exhibition program, along with the presentation of up-to-date equipment of power structures, greatly contributes to the strengthening of international cooperation and exchange of best practices in countering common challenges and threats.

This constructive dialogue of the world's leading experts allows us to evaluate the results of approbation and implementation of the newest models, to determine the priority areas for further interaction and cooperation.

I am confident that Interpolitech will continue to increase its potential, combining the efforts of the competent agencies and services in the common fight against crime and protection of national interests.
I wish you fruitful work, strengthening business contacts and success in your professional activities.

Minister of Internal Affairs
of the Russian Federation
General of of the Police of the Russian Federation
V A. Kolokoltsev


Dear participants and guests of the Exhibition!

The global nature of challenges and threats to global stability and security requires consolidation of the efforts of the entire world community in the fight against destructive phenomena both at the interstate level and within the framework of professional organizations.

The annual international exhibition "Interpolitex" is one of the most striking examples of effective cooperation in this field. For twenty-two years the forum has provided all those wishing to have a unique opportunity to see the most high-tech novelties of special equipment and weapons, to analyze and discuss the current problems of ensuring security in the most important spheres of life of the state and society, to unite the potential of scientists and practitioners involved in developing and implementing programs for the protection of legitimate interests of citizens from criminal encroachments, manifestations of extremism and terrorist threats.

Over these years, has significantly increased the number of exhibitors and quality of the exhibited products, and today the event is rightfully considered to be one of the largest in Russia and Europe. The Forum allows successful solution of advertising and marketing tasks, on which the technical equipment of the power structures of our state depends, as well as the promotion of domestic military and special-purpose products to the international arms market. This is natural, because Russia, with its colossal scientific and technical and intellectual potential, the richest traditions of scientific schools, is a worthy partner for the promotion and implementation of the most high-tech projects.

I am convinced that Interpolitech will continue to contribute to the creation of favorable conditions for the development of cooperation, to promote the exchange of experience and to help solve applied problems for ensuring the security of the state, society and citizens.

And in this way specialized exhibitions of technical means, where the International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX takes one of the leading positions, allow not only to get acquainted with the advanced tendencies of scientific thought and new achievements of technical progress, but also to correlate perspective plans of joint activity with leading manufacturers of equipment and armaments.

Russian National Guard takes an active part in the exhibition activities, expanding the boundaries of cooperation with the manufacturers of special equipment and armaments, and also contributing to the formation of new exposition sites for the demonstration of modern security tools. One of such forums was the Day of Advanced Technologies of Law Enforcement Agencies of the Russian Federation, held in May 2017, organized by Russian National Guard Service and the Ministry of the Interior of Russia with the support of the permanent organizer of the INTERPOLITEX exhibition, Exhibition Companies Group BIZON.

And without doubts, Interpolitex has a significant influence on the development of the troops of the National Guard, forming approaches to the organization of its advanced equipment with modern weapons, transport, communications, and robotics. In addition, for many years, the distinctive feature of this exhibition is the successful combination of a large-scale presentation of technical innovations with an extensive humanitarian program of business and scientific communication, what permits to develop certain recommendations for the solution of the most pressing problems of ensuring personal and public security.

I am sure that this Forum will give an additional impetus to increasing the effectiveness of the activities of law enforcement and security structures of our country by intensifying the use of scientific and technical potential in combating crime and protecting national interests!

I wish all the participants and guests of the Exhibition fruitful and constructive work, interesting meetings and fruitful contacts, establishing new business contacts and fulfillment of all their plans!

Viktor V. Zolotov
Director of the Federal Service of National
Guard Troops of the Russian Federation –
commander-in-chief National Guard Troops
of the Russian Federation
General of the Army


Dear colleagues and friends!

Within the framework of the 23nd International Exhibition of Means for Provision of State Security Interpolitex 2019, which is held from 22 to 25 October 2019, will be held the 21th International Specialized Exhibition of Technical Systems and Facilities for Border Protection “Granitsa (Border)-2018”.

Complex situation in the field of border security requires the continuous improvement of the protection of the state border, the equipment of border agencies with modern advanced and effective technical equipment and weapons.

Over the twenty years of its existence, the specialized exhibition of technical means of border protection has gained high prestige among specialists in the subject area under consideration as a platform for demonstrating and studying the scientific and technical achievements of domestic and foreign weapons manufacturers, military and special equipment, discussing new projects, solutions and technologies, and exchanging best practices for their creation, implementation and application.

Over the twenty years of its existence, the specialized exhibition of technical security equipment and systems of border protection has gained a high reputation among specialists as a platform for demonstration of the scientific and technical achievements of the domestic and foreign manufacturers in the field of armament, military and special equipment, discussing new projects, solutions and technologies, and exchanging best practices for their creation, implementation and application.

It is my pleasure to invite you to take part in Exhibition “Granitsa-2018”. I hope that exposition of the up-to-date technical means and systems for national border protection will attract keen interest of not only specialists of the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation but of the representatives of the Federal executive authorities and other bodies and agencies working in the sphere of ensuring national security of the Russian Federation.

I wish all guests and participants of the exhibition new successes in their noble and difficult work - defence of peace, tranquility and prosperity of the country.

First Deputy Director-Head of Border Guard Service
of the Federal Security Service
of the Russian Federation
V. Kulishov

svyatenko.jpgI have pleasure to welcome participants of the Forum of Non-Governmental Security Sphere (NSS) "Safe and Secure Capital"!

The NSS Forum "Safe and Secure Capital" is held in order to develop the non-state security sphere of the city of Moscow, coordinate activities between public organizations of the city of Moscow, advance interaction and exchange of experience between the NSS structures and federal authorities, law enforcement agencies, formation of a common information space, both internal and external. Its one more task is the practical demonstration of ready-made solutions of up-to-date integrated security systems necessary for implementation at various urban infrastructure facilities (“Safe City”).

Discussions that will take place within the framework of the Forum will allow to consider a lot of important problems, and I am sure, to find ways to their solution. Particular attention will be paid to the problems related to interaction of the NSS with government agencies, ensuring the safety of citizens, social facilities, construction complex, issues of public control, improvement of the efficiency of using technical means, fire-fighting equipment and a number of other pressing problems and tasks.

I am sure that the proposals developed during the NSS “Safe Capital” Forum will be able to improve management efficiency, ensure coordination of actions of government officials, operational services and non-state security structures. The Forum participants are given the opportunity to exchange experience and demonstrate ready-made solutions for the implementation of integrated security systems of various urban infrastructure facilities, show achievements and present successful practices of the NSS.

Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Commission on Security,
Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the NSS of Moscow
Irina Svyatenko