War Horses: Arquus - New Trademark of Renault

This becomes a trend: the truck manufacturers' defense units are given new names. Last year armored vehicles ¬KAMAZ were first shown at the Army show under a new brand RD (from the name of the factory Remdizel, where they are produced). In our opinion, this is a political move, since KAMAZ, whose shareholder is the German Daimler, needs to withdraw from the associations with the military theme.

Armored vehicles KAMAZ - now showcased under the brand RD

And now Renault Trucks Defense (the military division is renamed as Arquus. This strange name is formed from the Latin words arma - "weapons", and equus - "horse", - (meaning "war horse"). According to news sources, the rebranding was held after the unsuccessful attempts of the Volvo concern (owner of Renault truck brand) to sell the unit.

Armored car Griffon - a promising joint development of Renault Trucks Defense,
Nexter and Thales companies

The new brand still unites three French brands - the former Renault Trucks Defense, Acmat and Panhard. The product comes from five plants in France and is known in 190 countries. All in all, the company employs about 1500 people. Wide ¬ "army-police" gamma remained virtually the same, but some models received new names: for example, Renault Sherpa hoods trucks are now called Armis (Arquus Armis - try to speak out!), and angular armored Panhard PVP - Dagger.

Renault Sherpa trucks are now called Armis

Several years ago, the French were very active in promoting their defense equipment with us: the cars were exhibited at the Interpolitex Exhibition, company Astes from Naberezhnye Chelny was going to take part in the production of VBL's "floating frog", and Uralvagonzavod created a model of the joint Atom infantry combat vehicle. In turn, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in 2014 conducted tests of an armored car PVP and two police armored trucks MIDS (4х2 and 4х4) - first in Sochi, then in Syktyvkar. But because of political events, all projects were canceled.

In 2014, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation tested an armored car PVP (aka Dagger) ...

  Source: Autoreview Ltd.

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