International Exposition “Border Control-2016”

International Exposition “Border Control-2016” organized and supported by Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation will be held on the territory of VDNH complex (former All-Russian Exhibition Centre) in a period from 18-th till 21-st of October, 2016 within the framework of 20-th International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision “INTERPOLITEX-2016”. 


The rich history of INTERPOLITEX exhibition is marked with several important events in 2016. One of them is the fundamental exposition “Border Control”. It has the reputation of Russian “showcase” for demonstration of products and solutions presented by local and foreign enterprises working in the field of special technical equipment and weapons manufacturing for the needs of national border guarding implementation. 

Border Control exposition profile will encompass following issues, making the event most interesting for distinguished participants and visitors of the show: border guarding security equipment, engineering structures and barrier works, Coast Guard naval vehicles, means of border management and customs clearance, automation and communication systems used by border-security troops. 

Representatives of relevant companies and governmental departments of Russia will take part in Border Control exposition. For example, following enterprises: Central Research Institution “Cyclone”, JSC “Pergam-engineering”, Scientific and Production Corporation “Dedal”, “Russian Institute of powerful radio engineering”, Specialized Research and Production Complex “Eleron”, “Loges TM” Llc., ship-building yard “Vympel” and other respective organizations are about to present their latest solutions.    


Scientific and Production Corporation “Dedal” is one of the leading enterprises of Russia manufacturing devices and systems of technical equipment complexes for physical guard of civil and military crucial importance facilities. Dedal Corporation is to demonstrate intellectual guarding systems, autonomous technical observation post, innovative video surveillance systems and other solutions which are always popular among visitors and representatives of various power agencies.

Specialized Research and Production Complex “Eleron” will also demonstrate its products and solutions like: access control biometric devices, proximity identity verification by reading of the iris image of the user, identification by analyzing and photographic recording of palm vein print, biometric control by hand shape. 

Ship yard “Vympel” from Yaroslavl produce combat missile and patrol motor boats of new generation. The enterprises will demonstrate the modernized version of high-speed powerboat “Mongoose” which is very popular among visitors. The mock-up models of perspective and existing military boats will be also displayed by “Vympel”. 

The production displayed within the exposition not competing but complementing each other will present the combined solution constructed out of different elements aimed at creation of the national borders physical security complex.    

In 2015 the INTERPOLITEX exhibition was visited by 15 891 security specialists. The majority (55%) of these people were interested in technical solutions of boarder control. This year, the exhibition will be attended by representatives of Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and Heads of Boarder Guard services of CIS member-states. 

Traditionally, the conference organized by Boarder Guard of FSS of Russia and dedicated to “Pressing issues of technical development of border control and frontier infrastructure objects security” is held within the framework of Business Program of exposition.    

The meeting of Coordination Council operating within the Council of Heads of Border Guard Forces will also take place during INTERPOLITEX event. 

Specialists see the exposition as a unique business platform for easy international corporate partnerships establishment. This is also a showcase of the latest innovation solutions of the Boarder Control field.

Operators of International Exposition “Border Control” invite you to become an exhibitor at “INTERPOLITEX-2016”.

Please contact INTERPOLITEX team for more information and your participation arrangement: +7 (495) 937-40-81.


 press-service of INTERPOLITEX 

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