‘FMS Enterprises Migun LTD’ will again participate in the ‘INTERPOLITEX’ exhibition

‘FMS Enterprises Migun LTD’ is a leading manufacturer in the cutting-edge individual and collective ballistic protection industry segment, including body armours and all types of personal armour plates, composite armour panels for civil and military special-purpose vehicles


‘Plant ‘Optic’ Open Joint Stock Company will participate in the INTERPOLITEX 2016

The enterprise is a major international manufacturer of fiber optics and a leading producer of spectacle aspheric lens and BOK-ZUF flint glasses (single vision, stigmatic,with aspheric design, astigmate, photochromic, with the use of ‘Corning’ (France) and ‘Barberini’ (Germany) Lens Blanks with the sol-gel chemical coating and lumina.


1st Outdoor Products Co.Ltd. will participate in the 20th anniversary Exhibition INTERPOLITEX 2016

. The company product range in increased demand includes tactical gear and protective clothing, tactical vests and assault pack, Ghillie Suits and camouflage nets, modular field bags and pouches, weapon cases, tents, water-repellent clothing for hunting and a large number of other products.


Zebra Armour PTY Ltd. will participate in the 20th anniversary Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2016

Zebra Armour PTY Ltd. specializes in design and manufacture of personal protection equipment, such as body armour and vests made of conventional and innovation materials, helmets and add-on armour packages for police and special operations command units, representatives of security agencies, EOD specialists, military men, rescuers as well as medical personnel and journalists working in hazardous areas or hot spots.


Business Program of Interpolitex 2016 Has Been Finalized

Wide science and business program awaits participants and visitors  of Anniversary International Homeland Security  Interpolitex 2016, which will include conferences, workshops, round table discussions and presentations.


‘Izhmash Unmanned Systems’ LLC will participate in the 20th anniversary Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2016

The major areas of activity of ‘Izhmash Unmanned Systems’ LLC are design, development and manufacture as well as repair and maintenance, action tests and operational service of unmanned aerial vehicles, special-purpose equipment, products and solutions.


Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization Ltd. will participate in the INTERPOLITEX 2016

The workshop organized by Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization Ltd. within the framework of 20th anniversary Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2016 business programme has been scheduled for October 20, 2016 and is due to be held from 10:00 to 16:00.


Battle and Professional Training: Consolidation of Science and Industry

The exhibition will showcase the latest developments in the field of technical teaching aids used in military training of battle units of various power structures. The Salon will be attended by representatives of scientific-research organizations, enterprises of the military-industrial complex, as well as end users of military and dual purpose products and services from Russia and abroad.


INTERPOLITEX 2016: guests and visitors are the measure of merit of the exhibition

The annual International Exhibition of Means of State Security provision, INTERPOLITEX, hosts a very large number of visitors and exhibitors. This year, due to the fact that INTERPOLITEX celebrates its XXth anniversary, a record number of visitors is expected and the organizers of INTERPOLITEX are set to surprise everyone with new profile aspects, thematic areas, new exhibitors, as well as equipment, technology and systems items.


Dmitry Medvedev legalized the procurement of foreign equipment by Russian national security and law enforcement agencies

For four state power structures and law enforcement agencies and Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC).From now on, these government agencies can resume procurement of foreign goods even in case of their domestic equivalents being manufactured in Russia.

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