Present Your Start-Up!

Today exhibitions are not inclined to provide platforms for start-ups. Distrust of the new. Reluctance to change. Vacancy of thought.

It is necessary to defeat this trend.

                                                                             Nikolai Marichev - Head of the SAY FUTURE Platform



It's hardest to start from scratch. You have an idea and, God willing, a couple of like-minded people. You have brains, hands and, God forbid, a couple of beers in the fridge. And yet you have the desire, enthusiasm and the aspiration to break through, shoot, prove ... Any start-up is an insane risk. This is a move towards a dream. This is the embodiment of the desired. But what is the start-up and all your attempts, if nobody knows about it?

You, of course, can continue to sit in the reception rooms of various funds, firms and companies trying to seduce the secretary girl and impress the potential investor. But! EXPOFORUM SAY FUTURE: Security offers you a unique opportunity. Acquire the ECONOM package at the largest exhibition event this fall, and business angels will fly to you.

By purchasing the package ECONOM, you get a place to present your product, organize business meetings, a participant's diploma, a photo and video report about the event. But most importantly: you get the opportunity to show and tell about your idea to a lot of people - visitors and Forum participants.

Show yourself to people! Information on

International Forum of Up-to-Date Security Technologies SAY FUTURE: Security will be held on October 24 and 25, 2018 in Moscow, at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements (VDNH), Pavilion 75. In addition to the topics dedicated to providing security at various levels, in all situations and scenarios, the forum will present an innovative platform for exhibition and conference technology SAY FUTURE.

We are SAY FUTURE! The future is for us!

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