Chinese Oriental Industries Company Limited has demonstrated the unique smart multifunctional thermal laser rangefinder of a day/night use at INTERPOLITEX-2017 show.

The device allows to measure in a noncontact way the surface of the object in real-time. Therefore it has a very broad application, including daily graft. In particular, these products are used by armed forces as devices of night vision. Also they are used by firefighters and rescuers for search of victims and identification of the flame bases.


«Our thermal imagers are usually purchased for hunting and military purposes. Entering the Russian market is very important for us. One of our thermal imagers is called “Taiga Ice”. That is a new product which we started to manufacture this year. Our devices are small, smart, light and at the same time – one of the most reliable in the world. Their battery life period is also among the advantages of our product line», – Tan Yuxiang, the Head of Sales Department in Russia.

Oriental Industries Company Limited have already registered as the Exhibitors of the next edition of INTERPOLITEX show which will be held in a period 23-26 October, 2018 at the territory of VDNH complex, Pavilion 75. 

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