INTERPOLITEX 2016: all-weather reconnaissance "Hexagon"


The multirotor UAV is able to conduct a tactical reconnaissance, radiation analysis and an area spectral shooting for an hour.


Discussion of the problems of unmanned aircraft systems application became the one of main activities of the 20th Anniversary International Exhibition INTERPOLITEX-2016. Questions of their practical use for various tasks were discussed in the framework of a specialized round table. In the general opinion of its participants, many aspects of the UAV’s use require legislative reflection.


Among numerous UAVs, designed for different tasks, experts paid attention to the multirotor unmanned aerial system "Hexagon" (MR-Hexa 601-I) at the exposition of AVIATECHNOKON RPAS LLC.


The multirotor unmanned aerial system MR-Hexa 601-I has a tactical radius of action and designed to solve various reconnaissance missions including the radiation analysis and the area spectral shooting day and night using video and thermal imaging equipment. Electric propulsion of the UAV has six brushless motors with carbon screws.

The UAV "Hexagon" has a built-in object auto-tracking. This function enables the camera capture of a movable or stationary object and tracking it from different positions in the automatic mode. UAV’s capabilities help to solve various problems of surface monitoring in the interests of the Emergencies Ministry and civilian agencies, law enforcement and industrial structures. 

With drone's dimensions 1000 x 400 mm its takeoff weight can be up to 7.5 kg including up to 2 kg payload. At a speed up to 50 km/h and at an operating altitude 5-600 m the drone can fly during up to 90 minutes. In case of need it can go into a "hovering" mode over the target. Radio channel provides a transmission of intelligence information and a drone control in real-time at up to 10 km range. The UAV can be operated at wind speed on ground level up to 10 m/s in the range of ambient temperatures from -20 to +40°C.

It's required 3 x 3 m area for drone’s takeoff and landing. The time of its preparation for use is less than 5 minutes. In the stowed position the UAV "Hexagon" can be transported in a raid backpack. According to the engineering center the drone has guaranteed trouble-free operation for a year or 50 takeoffs (landings).


The 21st annual Exhibition "INTERPOLITEX-2017", which is now a recognized international platform for showcasing of the latest developments in the field of security, will be held from 17 to 20 October in Moscow on the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDNH), Pavilion 75. The conditions of participation can be found on the official website of the exhibition.

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