INTERPOLITEX 2016: UAV "Albatross" from Penza


UAV "Albatross" provides a silent intelligence and survey of incident locations with the information transmission to the operator control panel.


The subject of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is relevant today more than ever. This is due to the increased attention to them both civilian and law enforcement agencies who increasingly use them in the practice of their activities. That is why the existing and perspective UAVs will be showcased on the 21st International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2017. Questions of the development and practical application of UAVs will be widely covered in its main sections, such as "Exhibition of Police Systems and Equipment" and "Border".


Continuing the publication about unmanned vehicles for different purposes, today the Information Agency "Arms of Russia" offers its readers the information about a one of a number of products which were presented at the 20th Jubilee Exhibition INTERPOLITEX-2016. It is a multifunctional complex of aerial reconnaissance and surveillance based on the multirotor UAV "Albatross", which was shown by the Russian company "Stilsoft" from Penza.

UAV "Albatross" is designed for prompt solving of search and reconnaissance tasks in the Border Service, Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry and other structures. It provides the surveillance and survey of incident locations, offenders detection, wanted people, establishing contact with persons outside the visible area day and night. The drone is a flying platform made of composite materials with a video camera, the module of broadband connection with a remote control, means of satellite navigation and battery placed on it. The intelligence receives through the communication channel and displays on the control panel based on a tablet PC.


The drone has a collapsible modular design with removable payload, which can be quickly replaced without presets. The UAV flight can be carried out under the direct control of the operator and by the program on the basis of 50 waypoints. It is possible to change the route during the flight and switch from automatic to manual control and back.


In case of flight suspension of the UAV "Albatross" it will stop and continue the flight to the landing point. Radio channel of the management and telemetry system is resistant to interference and provides protection of the transmitted information. Increased operational reliability is provided by a multi-level protection from erroneous actions of the operator. The range of the UAV "Albatross" with 4.5 kg of take-off weight with a payload in the range of effective heights 20-200 m at 0-50 km/h speed reaches 3 km. The maximum lifting height above sea level is 3000 m. The UAV can be used at wind speed of 10 m/s and 14 m/s with gusts during the flight route. The maximum vertical speed of lifting (lowering) is 5 (3) m/s.


Under normal conditions one set of batteries provides the flight for up to 30 minutes. The drone will return automatically if the power decreases. The time of the drone training for use by one person does not exceed 10 minutes. It's required 3 m radius circle for the automatic UAV's landing. The total kit weight does not exceed 12 kg.

The 21st Exhibition INTERPOLITEX-2017 will be held from 17 to 20 October in Moscow on the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre VDNH (Pavilion 75).

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