INTERPOLITEX 2017 business programme: a contribution to the establishment of promising business contacts

The participants and guests of the INTERPOLITEX 2017 International  Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2017 business programme will be presented with a highly topical business programme that is to include conferences, seminars and workshops, round tables and presentations. The 21st International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2017 will be held from 17 to 20 October,2017 in the territory of of the VDNH All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Pavilion No 75).


Every year INTERPOLITEX business programme becomes crucial for an effective dialogue between the key stakeholders of the security industry, experts, representatives of the government institutions and law enforcement agencies on the issue of further development of the security industry.

The business programme gives the opportunity to the participants, visitors and guests of the major security event of the year to get to know the latest state-of-the-art solutions and become aware of the key trends in the design and development of the technical systems and equipment as well as to get a first-hand account of these developments.

 Two plenary sessions, five research-to-practice conferences, six round tables, six workshops as well as a large number of other initiatives and activities were held within the framework of the business programme of the 20th anniversary exhibition INTERPOLITEX 2016. More than one hundred and fifty reports were delivered in the course of the INTERPOLITEX 2016 business programme and more than two thousand experts took part afterwards in the discussion of these reports.

As for INTERPOLITEX 2017 exhibition, an extensive business programme is envisaged within the framework of the coming event.

The plenary session of the research-to-practice conference “The Prospects of Design and Development  of the New Generation Weaponry and Special-Purpose Equipment and Systems” will traditionally be the focus and make the basis of the INTERPOLITEX 2017 business programme event. An array of issues will be discussed within the framework of the conference, special sections and workshops. The matters of combatting crime, the provision of security at the transportation facilities, the prospects of development, overhaul and upgrading of the special-purpose vehicles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation bodies and institutions, as well as technical equipment and systems for the public events security provision, the upgrading of equipment, systems and tactical gear of the law enforcement agencies as well as state-of-the-art IT solutions are to be touched upon.  The conference will be organized by the “Special Equipment and Communication”  Federal Scientific-Production Association.


INTERPOLITEX 2017 business programme will feature a large number of significant events, such as research-to-practice conference “Systems and Equipment for the Provision of Integrated Security of Sites and Territories of the State: Issues and Prospects of Development” due to be organized by the Okhrana R& D Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the conference called “Focus Areas of the Technical Equipment of the State Border at the Present Stage” due to be organized by the Border Guard Service of the  Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, as well as workshops and seminars featuring presentations of the latest solutions and systems developed by the companies and a number of other meetings, round tables and presentations that are as interesting and efficient as the abovementioned programme events.

According to the INTERPOLITEX participants, in the era of tremendous upgrowth and development of science, technology and solutions participation of in the target-oriented business programme events of interest as well as initiatives makes it possible to obtain a great deal of information and forge business contacts.

Simultaneously and within the same business platform the Forum of Non-Governmental Security Sphere “Safe Capital” (“NSB 2017”) is due to be held during INTERPOLITEX 2017. The goal of the initiative is the sharing of experience, strengthening of cooperation between the Non-Governmental Security Sphere Forum and federal as well as city authorities as well as law enforcement agencies, the display of achievements of the non-governmental security sphere as well as unveiling turn-key solutions of the non-governmental security organizations and institutions and the consideration of security systems for various urban sites and facilities.


The Non-Governmental Security Sphere “Safe Capital” (“NSB 2017”) will be opened by the plenary session  called “Pressing High-Profile Issues of Further Integration of the “Safe Capital” Non-Governmental Safety and Security Structures and Civil Society Institutions into the National Security System: Conceptual, Legal and Statutory and Practical Aspects”. A number of sections will be organized within the framework of the abovementioned session. They are as follows: “Methodological Basis, Framework and  Guidance for Teaching Special Courses during Non-Governmental Security Sphere “Safe Capital” Personnel Training”; “Integration and Implementation of Innovation Security Systems “; ”The Impact of Biometric Technologies and Solutions on the Security Domain”; “The Development of the Professional Skills System within the Framework of the Capital City Public Amenities Protection Personnel Training Course”; “Implementation and Usage of the Security Solutions, Systems and Equipment, Including CCTVs, for the Protection of the Public Amenities, Social Infrastructure and Facilities of the Capital City”; “Implementation of Technical Means, Solutions, Equipment and Information Resources for the Enhancement of Effectiveness of Civil Oversight” : the  Non-Governmental Security Sphere “Safe Capital” (“NSB 2017”) Perspective”.

All the INTERPOLITEX 2017 business programme  events, activities, initiatives and sections are to be held in the specialized conference halls of the Pavilion No 75 of the VDNH All-Russia Exhibition Centre .A large-scale display section of the INTERPOLITEX 2017 exhibition will be unveiled in the very same pavilion.


All the reports, abstracts and theses of the INTERPOLITEX 2017 conferences and sessions will afterwards  be compiled and published as a digest of the INTERPOLITEX 2017 scientific-business programme.

You can find a detailed account of the INTERPOLITEX 2017 business programme in the respective section of the official exhibition website.

INTERPOLITEX 2017 Organising Committee invites the participants to make an active contribution to outlining and formation of the business programme of the event as it will provide them with an opportunity to present their latest achievements and cutting-edge solutions and developments to a large target audience including the potential customers.

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