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Stilsoft - a group of companies operating in the security market. We produce software, equipment for security systems, conduct research in various fields of applied mathematics and physics, provide installation and commissioning of the security of our production.

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Year of foundation: 1949. Development, production and servicing of shipboard, shore and land radar stations, mobile and stationary monitoring complexes, optic & electronic systems, automated work stations and custom-built displays.

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Grant Systems & Technology

The development, production and sale of special technical means for OSA subjects for secret obtaining and recording audio and video information. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of CTC professional use in the Russian market. The equipment was successfully used in the practice of the subjects operatively-search activity. We supply to foreign countries.

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Area А
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For more than 15 years STT GROUP has been developing and serially manufacturing special-purpose equipment, such as Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD) for various missions, radio monitoring systems, equipment for vibro-acoustic control and protection, mine and explosive device detectors, and portative X-ray systems.

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Unmanned Systems Group

The company develops UAV of aircraft and helicopter types under the Supercam brand for high resolution aerial photography and video monitoring.

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Directorate-general of the Federal Penal Service of Nizhny Novgorod Region

All institutions Directorate-general of the Federal Penal Service of Nizhny Novgorod Region have a large fleet of industrial equipment, allowing to carry out orders of third parties to manufacture products, woodworking and metalworking, light industry and the automotive industry.

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FPS Russia in the Rostov region

Currently, the main activities of the Operations Department and the operational divisions divisions Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Rostov region are: to ensure the personal safety of prisoners and prison staff, prevention, prevention and detection of unofficial liaison officer with the special contingent, working with the authorities conducting operational-investigative activity, and also wanted convicts who escaped. On the special control of the operas employees. Management should work not permitted mass disobedience of prisoners and the disorganization of activity of the institutions, the fight with the leaders and authorities of criminal behavior.

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FPS Russia in Sverdlovsk region

Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Sverdlovsk Region (hereinafter the Office) is the territorial body of the Federal Penitentiary Service, carrying out within their powers law enforcement functions, functions in the field of penal control and supervision in respect of the convicts, the functions of the content of those suspected or accused of committing crimes and defendants in custody, their protection and escort, as well as the functions of the behavior monitoring probationers and convicts, which the court granted an extension of punishment, and to monitor the whereabouts of persons suspected or accused of committing crimes in places measures performance restraint in the form of house arrest, and their compliance with the prohibitions imposed by the court and (or) restrictions.

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Directorate-general of the Federal Penal Service of Chelyabinsk Region

We have the 15-diversified industrial enterprises in the Directorate-general of the Federal Penal Service of Chelyabinsk Region with the following industry supplies Production: metalworking, engineering and litey tion production, woodworking, light industry products, including footwear, fur and leather production.

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Stock Company DAR

Stock Company DAR was founded in 1992. It is located in Moscow. For almost 18 years it has been working in the market of law enforcement and safety equipment. DAR is an official distributor of the leading manufacturers of signaling equipment: Code 3, Inc. (USA),

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Dedal - one of the leading Russian companies to develop, manufacture devices and systems for complexes of means of physical protection (KTSFZ) objects of special importance and increased risk of both civil and military purposes.

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Russian Business, Journal

Federal journal "Business Russia: industry, transport, social life" (OOO "" Media Business "Publisher) covers a wide range of economic and social issues, and is an information platform for active and successful participants of the market, offering innovative solutions to current business challenges.

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Department of Information Technology, Communications and Information Protection of the Russian Interior Ministry

Department of Information Technology, Communications and Information Protection of the Russian Interior Ministry is an independent unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, providing and carrying out within the competence of the features Russian Interior Ministry in the development and implementation of state policy and normative legal regulation in the field of improvement of information and telecommunication technologies, automated information systems , and communication systems, radio monitoring and radio, electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic means, to counter technical intelligence, technology (including encryption) of information security, electronic warfare, the use of electronic signatures, the formation and maintenance of information resources, inter-agency information exchange, implementation state and departmental programs in the field of information, navigation and monitoring systems of internal affairs agencies, organizations and bodies created to fulfill the tasks and exercising the powers entrusted to the Russian Interior Ministry, Interior Troops of Russia.

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We are the leading Russian company in the field of X-ray systems since 1992 year. ISO 9001:2000 certificate conform the quality of our products and services conform to international quality standards.

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Director of Security"

"Director of Security" - the specialized monthly publication focused on the full range of lighting problems of corporate security: physical, technical, information, personnel, legal, etc., as well as their mutual influence.

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