Official greetings 

about-ofic-6.jpgDear participants and guests of International Exhibition of Means for Provision of State Security Interpolitex 2017!

More than two decades, this large-scale project gathers in Moscow leaders and specialists of the enterprises of the defense industry complex, law enforcement agencies, scientific organizations. Over the past years, Interpolitex has gained a high reputation in the international police community.

Effective solution of many tasks necessary for ensuring public order and fight crime, facing the law enforcement bodies and agencies, is possible, provided that the use of advanced techniques and equipping our units with the most modern technical means. This is facilitated by Interpolitex, which allows us not only to demonstrate the latest achievements of departmental science and get acquainted with the developments of colleagues from other law enforcement agencies, products of leading Russian arms and special equipment manufacturers, but also to establish strong business contacts.

This year the main exposition of the exhibition is devoted to innovative technologies and covers a wide range of individual and collective security tools. It is important that the business program of the forum, which includes a whole series of conferences, roundtables, seminars, creates opportunities for establishing  a direct constructive dialogue.

I wish the visitors of "Interpolitex-2017" bright impressions from the novelties of police and military
equipment, and to the participants - the realization of their significant projects and professional successes in the interests of ensuring the security of the state.

V.A. Kolokolzev
Minister of Internal Affairs
of the Russian Federation

glavkom2015-1.jpgDear participants and guests of 21st International Exhibition "INTERPOLITEH-2017"!

In the modern world, the state of effectiveness of law enforcement activity is directly dependent on the level of technical equipment and informatization of law enforcement bodies and agencies.

A full and integrated solution of the tasks of ensuring law and security in the state is impossible without use of up-to-date special equipment and armaments, which every year is clearly manifested against the background of the rapid development of innovative technologies and automation of all spheres of life.

And in this way specialized exhibitions of technical means, where the International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX takes one of the leading positions, allow not only to get acquainted with the advanced tendencies of scientific thought and new achievements of technical progress, but also to correlate perspective plans of joint activity with leading manufacturers of equipment and armaments.

Russian National Guard takes an active part in the exhibition activities, expanding the boundaries of cooperation with the manufacturers of special equipment and armaments, and also contributing to the formation of new exposition sites for the demonstration of modern security tools. One of such forums was the Day of Advanced Technologies of Law Enforcement Agencies of the Russian Federation, held in May 2017, organized by Russian National Guard Service and the Ministry of the Interior of Russia with the support of the permanent organizer of the INTERPOLITEX exhibition, Exhibition Companies Group BIZON.

And without doubts, Interpolitex has a significant influence on the development of the troops of the National Guard, forming approaches to the organization of its advanced equipment with modern weapons, transport, communications, and robotics. In addition, for many years, the distinctive feature of this exhibition is the successful combination of a large-scale presentation of technical innovations with an extensive humanitarian program of business and scientific communication, what permits to develop certain recommendations for the solution of the most pressing problems of ensuring personal and public security.

I am sure that this Forum will give an additional impetus to increasing the effectiveness of the activities of law enforcement and security structures of our country by intensifying the use of scientific and technical potential in combating crime and protecting national interests!

I wish all the participants and guests of the 21st International Exhibition "INTERPOLITEX-2017" fruitful work, establishing new business contacts and new achievements in their noble cause of strengthening law and order and security!

Director of the Federal Service of National
Guard Troops of the Russian Federation -
General of the Army
V.V. Zolotov

about-ofic-7.jpgDear Ladies and Gentlemen! Colleagues and friends!

Taking part in the opening of the 21st International Exhibition of Means of State Security "INTERPOLITEX-2017" I have the pleasure, on behalf of the Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters and in my personal capacity to cordially welcome organizers, participants and guests of the Exhibition.

Events over the past year, the reality in which we live today require us to work for effective fight with man-made and natural disasters, and terrorist threats. The exhibition is held in the year of the 85th anniversary of the Civil defense, which is an essential function of the state to ensure the safety of citizens and the country as a whole.

The solution of these tasks is impossible without modern technical equipment of the power structures working in the field of ensuring safety and security of the Russian Federation in all spheres. Exhibition Interpolitex is directly targeted to fulfillment of this task.

Here at the exhibition designers, suppliers and users of special technical equipment will receive efficient tools for solution of a broad range of promotional and marketing tasks, market monitoring and conclusion of business deals.

Over the years, the exhibition has earned a high reputation among domestic and foreign experts. It has become a prestigious forum and traditionally attracts attention of leading manufacturers of special equipment and armaments both in our country and abroad.

The conferences, workshops, business meetings, which are held within the framework of the exhibition business program, will greatly contribute to the development of new scientific ideas in the sphere of creation of advanced models of armaments and special technical equipment.

Let me wish all the participants and guests of the exhibition good health and well-being, effective work, fruitful business contacts, interesting ideas and projects and mutually beneficial cooperation and achievements in the field of development and creation of advanced technical equipment ensuring guaranteed security of our country.

Minister of the Russian Federation
for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination
of Consequences of Natural Disasters
V.A. Puchkov

Vladimir_Kylishov_(2013-15-08).jpegDear colleagues and friends! 

21th International Specialized Exhibition of Technical Systems and Facilities for Border Protection “Granitsa (Border)-2017” will be held within the framework of the 21st International Exhibition of Means for Provision of State Security Interpolitex 2017 from 17 to 20 October 2017.

Complication of the tasks facing the Border Guard Service of the Russian Federal Security Service requires regular improvement of the state border protection. To accomplish this task border protection bodies and agencies need highly effective technical means and weapons.

For nineteen years of its existence, the specialized exhibition of technical security equipment and means ensuring state security has gained a high reputation among specialists. It demonstrates the scientific and technical achievements of domestic manufacturers in the field of armament, military and special equipment. And it also provides Russian enterprises-developers and manufacturers of special equipment and weapons with ample opportunities for showing promising developments and sharing best practices.

It is my pleasure to invite you to take part in Exhibition “Granitsa-2017”. I hope that exposition of the up-to-date technical means and facilities for national border protection will attract keen interest of not only specialists of the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation but of the representatives of the Federal executive authorities and other bodies and agencies working in the sphere of ensuring national security of the Russian Federation.

I wish all guests and participants of the exhibition new successes in their noble and difficult work - defence of peace, tranquility and prosperity of the country.

First Deputy Director-Head of Border Service
of the Federal Security Service
of the Russian Federation
V.G. Kulishov

about-ofic-21.jpgDear exhibitors and guests!

For a number of years Federal Service for the Execution of Sentences has been a regular participant of the International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision Interpolitex.

For our Service the exhibition remains one of the unique discussion platform, which creates all necessary conditions for the development of dialogue between business community and government customers working in the field of ensuring safety and security of the country and society.

This year for the first time in the history of the Russian Federation penitentiary system, the exposition of the Federal Penitentiary Service will take about 3500 square meters of the exhibition space, where 75 territorial units of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia will show their serially manufactured products, as well as new developments in the field of manufacture of special automotive equipment.

I am sure that "Interpolitex-2017" will give new impulses and perspectives for mutually beneficial cooperation for the most effective solutions of the present tasks for ensuring integrity of the state and safety of its citizens.

Let me wish all participants and guests of the exhibition fruitful work and successes in fulfillment of tasks in the sphere of national security.

Director of Federal Service
for the Execution of Sentences
G.A. Kornienko 

about-ofic-15.jpgI have pleasure to welcome all the participants of the NSS "Safe Capital" Forum!

In a situation where we constantly face problems that no country, no society, does not avoid: natural cataclysms, man-made accidents and catastrophes, the threat of terrorist acts, new challenges of the present - information risks - the need for modern effective methods and measures of protection against them is more urgent than ever.

Improving inter-ethnic relations, work with young people, interfaith dialogue, use of the media, the Internet community, strengthening civil unity on the basis of patriotism are some areas, which permit to counter national and religious extremism.

The discussions that will take place within the framework of the Forum will allow to discuss a lot of important problems, and I am sure, to find some ways to their solution. Particular attention should be paid to the prospects of improving situational centers, creating smart city elements, as well as the problems of interdepartmental interaction, the development of communal urban infrastructure, and one of the main issues on the agenda is the development of security measures at the 2018 FIFA World Cup and other major international sports, political, cultural events that will take place on the territory of our country.

I am sure that developed within the framework of the NSS "Safe Capital" Forum proposals on the introduction of management systems for all types of risks, monitoring, receiving and processing citizens' appeals, warning and informing the public, making and supporting decisions will be able to improve the effectiveness of management, ensure coordination of actions of government officials, operational services and non-state security structures.

Senator of the Federation Council
Chairman of the NSS Coordination Councilof Russia
V.A. Ozerov